Welcome to the Volunteer Portal

This portal aims to contain everything you need to know if you are, or are thinking of becoming an active volunteer.  If you can't find what you need please let us know emailing the Member Groups Team. The descriptions below are guides to what is on the site now.


In the rules section you will find the rules and operating procedures necessary for running a member group which conforms to BCS requirements. These requirements may be due to external governance of BCS, such as its charitable registration, or for BCS internal needs such as managing funds and ensuring effective representation and inclusion of members. The rules are developed and maintained by the Policy Committee of the BCS Membership Board, and issued under the authority of the board. As with all rules they are imperfect and incomplete, the Policy Committee is continually trying to improve them and welcomes discussion and suggestions about the rules, which it aims to keep as light and simple as is possible whilst being consistent with good governance and the interests of BCS as a whole.


In the Guidance section you will find advice and tips on many aspects of the day to day running of member groups and events. These are compiled and published by the Best Practice Committee of the Membership Board, and include topics such as member communications, video recording of events, and advice for specific officers on member group committees to help them execute their roles. The evolution of this guidance is a continual learning process from the experience of member group committee members, and the Best Practice Committee welcomes suggestions, input and content from all committee members about how to best overcome the challenges they meet in creating and operating successful member groups.

Membership Board:

This section includes descriptions and documents about the Membership Board and its committees.