BCS Hellenic Section Distinguished IT Graduates Awards

On 17/9/2020 the first Distinguished IT Graduates Awards was held by the BCS Hellenic Section, for graduates of Universities, who achieved a first in their graduate and postgraduate studies in Computer Science.

The award ceremony took place at the British Ambassador Residence.

The British Ambassador S.A. honoured the ceremony with her presence and opening speech, and warmly congratulated the award winners on their achievement and thanked BCS for the award.

The President of BCS Hellenic Section, Mr. Christos Stavroulakis, spoke about  the important goals of BCS, the levels of his Members, and his important collaborations in Greece and abroad, as well as these highly prestigious awards, and congratulated graduates and their teachers.

The ceremony was honoured by the Country Director and the British Council Education Manager in Greece.

The 15 award winners received an official praise of the BCS, which is an important asset for their career.

After the end of the award ceremony, a reception followed. Greek computer companies Cosmos Business Systems and e-Systems were sponsors of the event.

During the ceremony, all existing measures for Covid-19 were strictly observed (reduced number of people, distance keeping, use of mask, etc). For this reason, the ceremony was broadcast live by the British Embassy, on live streaming online so that those who were not possible due to the measures could attend it.

The program, photos and video of the event are available in the following links, and they are freely allowed to repost:

The British Embassy, which we warmly thank for hosting the event, issued the following press release for the last BCS award:

We congratulate the award-winning people on their high performance and are of course for their brilliant career! Here are the names of the award-winning players:
- Christos Zacharopoulos, BSc (Hons) Computer Networks and Security, University of Derby
- Dimitrios Theodoridis, BSc (Hons) Computer Networks and Security, University of Derby
- Georgios Vassiliou, MSc Advanced Computer Networks, University of Derby
- Athanasios Pletsas, BSc (Honours) Management Information Systems, Open University UK
- Konstantinos Skampagiannis, BSc (Honours) Management Information Systems, Open University UK
- Georgios Vasilopoulos, BSc (Honours) Management Information Systems, Open University UK