Welcome to your volunteering journey with BCS

A message from Rebecca George, BCS Immediate Past President,

on how volunteers help us guide,

shape and achieve our mission of Making IT Good for Society.




Our volunteer strategy

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Volunteer Testimonial Volunteer Testimonial

Your Volunteer Handbook

contains a summary of the basics

and lots of helpful links to get you started.

Refer to this as necessary.


We have two online training courses for you to complete. 
These are essential topics for all volunteers.


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Unconscious Bias Training, covering diversity and inclusion


“Why wouldn’t you volunteer for an organisation like BCS which is really trying to make IT good for society.
Without our volunteers there is no BCS, they are our lifeblood and without them and their volunteering support, we are nothing”

Michael Grant, BCS Immediate Past President

“I volunteer with BCS to make better links between BCS and higher education,
and to encourage more young people into computing careers via STEM and branch events”

Jonathan Westlake, Staffordshire University

“I volunteer with BCS to help the IT community in different ways.  I believe in BCS’s mission and consider it my second home”

Soheir Ghallab, Business Change Specialist Group