Support for Member Groups - consultation

Support (including administration) is available from BCS Swindon. A list of administrators with their responsibilities is available at link. It is not charged for but needs to be requested and reserved.  View the Events organisation document to see the full range of help available. A template for making applications will be available shortly.

Support services should be used responsibly. Where support services (e.g. booking a room) are reserved, but repeatedly not used, the Member Group may be prevented from reserving that resource for a period of time (likely to be six months). 

To avoid legal liabilities as an employer, personnel must not be directly employed by a Member Group. Instead of employing people, BCS Swindon should be requested to contract for local support on a Member Group’s behalf. A template for doing so will soon be made available. Funds to pay for any local support must be included in the group’s budget.