Shape Your Future Membership Campaign

BCS Promotional Materials

As a member group, you play a significant role in the nurturing process for potential members, new members and existing members wanting to understand more about BCS.

To assist member groups in being able to share the proposition of BCS and how members can maximise the value they receive from membership we have developed some assets which can be used as part of an event, perhaps before an event or during networking.


BCS Story Deck – this presentation includes useful information about who BCS are and the products and services we offer to BCS members. The presentation is designed to help sign post people towards the value of being part of BCS and what benefits they will most likely value based on their career stage or interests.
Shape the future animation (1) BCS Membership | Why become a member? - YouTube – this video is designed to encapsulate what BCS is about with a primary audience of people who are interested in learning more about BCS.
Video conference backgrounds
Email Template – this email template is compatible for use with BCS list servers 

Assets .zip download

We also want to empower branches and specialist groups to be able to offer exclusive BCS membership discounts to their networks to help encourage colleagues or event attendees to join BCS. You can request a member group discount code by emailing; we also have pdf postcards you can share with your contacts, download yours here.