Rules consultation summer 2012 - now closed

This page contains links to pages that contain proposed revisions to the rules, you were invited to comment here regarding the approach taken and any areas you would like to see changed and on each linked page for the specific changes. 

On each page the existing text is in normal text and proposed changes are in yellow.

  1. Public statements by and Behaviour of Member Group committee members (as new sub sections 10 and 11 to Member Group Committees)
  2. Member Group events
  3. Joint working with other organisations (including a model MoU)
  4. Sanctions when rules not followed (a new section)
  5. Resignation of Member Group committee members (an addition to sub section 3 of Member Group Committees)
  6. Explicit reference to International Sections
  7. How Member Group rules fit with other BCS rules (a new section)

This consultation ran from Monday 9th July until Friday17th August 2012. Feedback was considered during the consultation and in preparation for the Membership Board Policy Committee meeting on 15th August. These proposals were submitted to the Membership Board on 6th September for ratification .

If you have any other suggestions please contact the Member Group Policy Committee chair by email.


Comment Feedback

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Comment feedback

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Changes to proposals

The Policy Committee met today (Wednesday 15th) and based on input to the consultation agreed on a few small changes to the proposals. The changes are in yellow and to distinguish them from other changes are in CAPITALS. The changes are:

  • In 1. - public statements "speaking" has been replaced by "communicating" and "explicit" by "appropriate"
  • In 2. - use of the booking system for chargeable events has changed from a should to a must
  • In 6. - the first sentence about conditions governing when an International Section can be established has been deleted.