Relationship of these rules to others

BCS governance is based on a hierarchy of regulations, In respect of Member Groups this is as follows:-

  • Charter & Bylaws approved by Privy Council (available at link)
  • Member Regulations approved at BCS AGM (available in the Members Secure area at link
  • BCS Code of Conduct (available in the Members Secure area at link)
  • Member Group Rules approved by Membership Board (these rules)
  • Constitutions approved at the Member Group’s AGM. Note these are now optional for all Member Groups. Member Groups may choose not to have a constitution as the Member Group rules approved by Membership Board now fulfill all the requirements of a Member Group constitution.

Each level must be compatible with the level above it. In the event of conflict between two documents the higher one takes precedence. 



Member Group Constitutions


I'm very pleased to read of this clear and comprehensive set of rules regarding the various BCS governance instruments, from Royal Charter down to Member Group constitutions. I am particularly pleased to see that the order of precedence is now spelt out in unambiguous terms, as is the status of any lower document found to be in conflict with a higher one.

This clarification should help every Member Group committee ensure that their constitution (if they choose to have one) is in alignment with the higher governance documents, or at the very least that their constitution is not in conflict with the higher governance documents.

Referenced Documents

The list of documents in the hierarchy of regulations shown above should be links to the documents themselves. Just to list them makes the job of conformance that bit harder.

Referenced Documents

Good point Len,

I have alerted Peter Buchanan to that fact. Absolutely we should link from the Member Group rules to the Code of Conduct, Member Regulations and Charter/Bylaws wherever mentioned in the rules.

Comment from Peter Buchanan - Thanks again Len, links added.

Member Group Constitutions

Currently the rules for Member Group websites ( state that among other items, the website of a Member Group should contain:

- A reference to these rules, and any variations the Member Group is using (or a copy of the group’s constitution)

Perhaps we need to revisit that statement to be clear that any variations to member group rules must not be in conflict with those same rules, and the higher governance documents of BCS (Charter, Byelaws, Member Regulations, etc)?

There are a limited number of circumstances where Member Groups may locally augment the rules, particularly where a member group wishes to set conditions for membership of the group that are reasonable, justifiable and not in conflict with the rules. Example; A theoretical Chartered IT Professional Specialist Group might require members to hold a Certificate of Current Competence, or be enrolled upon the CITP assessment process.

It is certainly not the case that Member Groups may vary or interpret the rules as they see fit by dint of a constitution, resolution or local custom and practice.