Proposing a New Member Group - Full Procedure

Stage 1 – Initial Proposal

An initial proposal described at should be sent to who will forward the proposal onto the PPP Committee.  Prospective BCS Member Groups are encouraged to contact the Community Team for clarification on these fundamental tests if there is any doubt about their applicability to the prospective new Member Group prior to submitting an initial proposal.

At the next scheduled meeting of PPP the proposal may be:

  1. accepted for forwarding to Finance Committee (see Stage 4)
  2. subjected to further refinement or requests for further information
  3. returned for reconsideration/redrafting
  4. rejected.

Stage 2 – Possible meeting of interested parties

Further refinement or information may involve a meeting of all interested parties to discuss the proposal. This meeting would aim to test that there is a healthy interest in the proposal, as well as checking that there are no substantive objections from other groups.

Stage 3 – Detailed Proposal

Following a satisfactory initial application and possible meeting, a final application will be prepared – this may well be a simple amendment of the initial proposal.  It will comprise:

  1. An outline of the proposed activities for the first year.
  2. Proposed initial committee), with brief CVs.
  3. Demonstration of support from existing members, relevant third party alliances (e.g. universities, employers, trade associations, government agencies, other professional bodies).
  4. Any funding sources available other than from BCS HQ.
  5. Other available resources to support the group (e.g. use of local university rooms, administrative support, funding in kind).
  6. Proposed membership: size and any qualifications for membership of the group or election to committee.  Relevant BCS rules must be observed.
  7. (A proposed international section should also include details of the process it will undertake to: set up as a separate legal entity; obtain combined liability insurance or as required locally; comply with local requirements in relation to any registration requirements; and be able to meet the criteria to obtain a Trademark License Agreement to operate as a BCS Section and comply with the terms and conditions associated with this license.)

Stage 4 – Final Approval

PPP will recommend a satisfactory proposal to Finance Committee for final formal approval.


Once agreed, all new member groups must follow the rules and processes for Member Groups.


The group proposer may appeal to Membership Board against decisions of PPP or Finance Committee.