Proposing a New Member Group

BCS welcomes and encourages the establishment of new Member Groups; properly established Groups have access to all the infrastructure (and budgetary opportunities) of the Institute.

Members wishing to create a new Group should be confident that:

  • the new Group's activites do not materially overlap with existing groups
  • there will be a population of current and potential BCS members who will be prepared to join and participate
  • they can identify a founding Committee (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer at the very least)
  • they can propose a costed (approximately) programme of activity for the initial year at least (activities do not have to be physical meetings)

At this stage, the proposal and provisional budget should be sent informally to; if it is agreed that the proposal has merit, it will go to the Community Board PPP committee for final approval.

The full procedure can be accessed here:

A successful proposal will result in a Group that will be bound by the relevant rules and procedures.