Membership update – digital welcome packs

Our Membership team continually strives to make improvements for our members by listening to feedback in surveys and comments on social media. In the annual member survey, we asked about the current membership card and the possibilities of a digital pack. The results for the removal of plastic cards, naturally, were overwhelming.

But just producing a non-plastic card wasn’t the solution. We also wanted:

  • data on onboarding engagement activity – something we don’t have at the moment, so being able to report on this would be invaluable;
  • a simple way for members to share their affiliation with BCS on social media platforms – some are doing this already, so why not make it easier for more to do so;
  • to add more personalisation and content to each cohort of members.

This has led to an overhaul of our membership welcome, renewal and upgrade communications and development of a digital membership pack for new and existing members.

We found a supplier who could deliver all our requirements within our budget and timescales.

The new digital pack contains digital assets for our members to download and share, including:

  • digital membership card
  • digital pin
  • downloadable membership certificate
  • tick-list 100-day plan for members to break up membership in bite-size chunks to explore the benefits available to them
  • benefits and tools section showcasing relevant benefits to each grade

Here’s one we prepared earlier! ...

We hope you’ll agree that this digital capability will enable our new and existing members to showcase their BCS achievements with contacts and colleagues easily, as well as looking after the planet.

On a side note, going digital has benefited us financially by reducing print, fulfilment and postage costs – and better still has added more value and usability to our members.