Member Groups Review - including ‘Local Hubs’.

Having attended the last three conventions, I am very pleased that we are now firmly moving into this call to action phase.

Our “member groups review” working group is seeking proactive individuals that want to work together to suggest positive improvements in how member groups operate - creation, governance (rules), relevance, collaboration (within BCS and externally), innovation, onboarding new members, mentoring and promotion of good practice.

Building on what has already been recorded from the previous conventions, members of our working group will recognise that whilst everything can be up for discussion, improvement actions will need to be quickly prioritised against what is possible to improve.  The identification of impediments to improvement changes will be important in planning what can be done over what time frame.

Our definition of a “member group” is any grouping of members recognised by BCS - so our working group is looking for participants from all areas - students, affiliates, associates, professional, fellows and organisations.  Our BCS is a membership organisation, so the views of all members are important.

Whether your personal interest is your chapter, branch, special interest group or International sections, you will be made most welcome for consideration.

Our working group will need to balance our BCS Royal Charter, Bye-Laws and any local legislation with the desire for change. This working group will, of course, be working with the other working groups too!

Previous conventions have highlighted a particular need to collaborate more between existing member groups, and this ‘stronger together’ thinking will form a significant part of the change process that is underway.  The term ‘local hubs’ has been used previously as an idea of how this could be achieved, but is by no means a given.

So - over to you.  If you can invest a few hours per week in your professional society, then I would be happy to discuss further with you.

Charlie Houston-Brown CEng MIET MBCS
Chair of Member Groups Review Working Group
Chair of North Staffordshire Branch

Member Groups Review Working Group Terms of Reference

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To apply to join a working group, please submit online, any information you submit will be shared with the Working Group Chair for them to review your application and contact you should further information be required.