Member Groups - Getting Assistance

Member Groups are the Branches, Specialist Groups and International Sections of the BCS. They meet together and run events for their members and for the geneal public.

When someone joins BCS, they are invited to join their local Branch and given the option of joining Specialist Groups. They may join as many Branches and Specialist Groups as they wish, although the web interface is limited to 3 Branches and 5 Specialist Groups (ring Customer Services 01793 417417 to join more).

Community Team
The Community Team, provide support to BCS Member Groups, including International Sections and YPG, and also provide secretariat support to Community Board and its Committees. We also provide secretariat support for BCS Health Executive, and the many health groups throughout the UK.

Telephone: 01793417478
Twitter: @BCSMemberGroups

Please note we do not accept cold calls from potential suppliers

Community Newsletters
On the last Friday of each month we are issuing a Community Newsletter to Chairs, Vice-Chairs, Secretaries and Treasurers, which includes relevant information to our Member Groups.  If you have any ideas for content you would like to share, please let us know,

January 2019 Newsletter

Member Groups Finance
Expenses, Invoices and Purchase Orders should be sent to Finance (

Expense Form
Expense Guidance

Other key contacts

Customer service - general / urgent enquiries
The customer service team are available from 8.15 to 17.45 Monday to Friday, and can help you by answering any question, or putting you in touch with other contacts as needed. They are a good first port of call if you do not know who to talk to, or you need to get in touch urgently and other contacts are unavailable.

By email:
By phone: UK: 01793 417424 or 0845 300 4417 (lo-call rate) Overseas: +44 (0)1793 417424

Please note we do not accept cold calls from potential suppliers

Editorial team - ITNow and eBCS

The editorial team can be sent articles or other content to be placed in eBCS or ITNow. They are always interested in good content from member groups, but they cannot guarantee that all requests will be published.

To suggest an article please detail the publication that you would like to add content to and email member groups who will put you in contact with the Editorial team

Policy team - official public positions and policy
This team cover public policy such as consultation responses, government relations and campaigns. They run the policy hub. This is not to be confused with the policy committee that covers the rules and guidelines for how member groups operate - this is entirely about external activity. More details can be found by visiting the policy hub.