Links with other organisations


The Institute supports links to other professional organisations. Member Groups may seek to exchange access to each other's events as if a member of that organisation.

To avoid misunderstandings where there is a commitment beyond publicising each others events, the Member Group must agree a Memorandum of Understanding, However ...

Replacement of Memorandums of Understanding

We have reviewed the usage and effectiveness of Memorandums of Understanding as applied to both corporate and member activities.

As MoUs are not legally enforceable and amount to nothing more than a letter of intent, we have decided to discourage their use within BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and within our Member Groups and Sections.

As an alternative, we would like to promote the use of the Non-Disclosure Agreements. A Non-Disclosure agreement provides a legally binding template for any activities that an MoU would typically cover whilst also providing key protection for confidential information and data that may be shared with other parties.

It will provide both you and BCS with greater protection when engaging in projects with external parties by preventing any information being shared until a formal legal relationship is formed.

Please contact the Member Groups team for the template documents.