Leveraging expertise in specialist groups

Leveraging expertise in specialist groups
At the conventions SGs asked for:

  • a pool of experts driven by specialists groups to help develop BCS policy and advocacy;
  • two-way communication between members and governance teams;
  • Community Board and Society Board to work together on policies;
  • BCS to comment on “hot” topics, Brexit, new payment technologies etc.;
  • engagement with governments at all levels, nationally and internationally;
  • greater relevance to key trade and standards bodies, nationally and internationally

We heard you: the Programme, Practice and Policy Committee’s “Leveraging expertise in specialist groups Workgroup” are looking for eight colleagues to work through the implementation conundrums together. 

How would you identify BCS members in the community with the “right” expertise to carry out all of the above?

How would you help BCS prioritise among the many possible policy and advocacy campaigns that deserve our attention?

You may feel that BCS should provide a voice on contentious topics. . How would you ensure BCS expresses a coherent policy line to governments and trade bodies on issues for which BCS members themselves hold very different positions?

How would you empower individual experts to represent BCS on standards and trade bodies providing their personal expertise, without committing BCS to their views?

Desired expertise of working group members includes: mapping stakeholders; promoting international technical standards, from evidence collection to adoption; monitoring and influencing law-making, via all-party parliamentary briefings and policy position papers.

Dott. Chiara Rustici
Utilising Experts WG

Leveraging Experts Working Group Terms of Reference

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