Getting Involved

How was the Community Board formed?

The Community Board (nee Membership Board) and its committees took many of their initial priorities from the 2009 Member Group Working Party report.

It was the first Board to be constituted following an open appointment process.

Nominations were invited from the whole member community through an item in eBCS (12 May 2010) and by email to all member group committees.

A committee was convened consisting of two Past Presidents, the Deputy President and members of the Interim Membership Board to undertake the difficult task of reviewing the nominations and assigning people to the Membership Board and/or one or more of its committees.

As of the BCS AGM 2017, held on 15th March 2017, Membership Board became known as Community Board.

What does the role entail?

To help people understand the requirements and commitments for members of BCS Community Board (CB) and its committees, guidance notes were published on the BCS website.

The actual workload of the committees has been somewhat higher than was envisaged in the guidance notes.

For example, the Best Practice Committee has been more active, especially around the time of Member Group Conventions, and the Finance Committee holds monthly conference calls to respond to funding requests.

How can I get involved?

If you wish to apply for consideration to become a member of the CBFC in the first instance please email  Please include your CV and a short paragrpah detailng what you feel you could bring to the Committee. 


Process for filling vacancies

The process for advertising and selecting applicants is:

  1. The vacancy will be advertised by sending an email to Member Group Comittee members referring to the job description which will be posted on this portal.
  2. Those wishing to apply should send an application to the person advertising the vacancy. The application should include a brief career and BCS history, a covering letter explaining why they are applying and what they bring to the role and their contact details.
  3. A Community Board sub committee will be set up by the chair comprising (chair of Community Board, chair of the Committee with the vacancy and one person who is senior in the BCS volunteer community but not otherwise involved with the Community Board. They will:
  4. Review applications
  5. Discuss applications with qualified candidates (and potentially interview them)
  6. Announce successful candidates and arrange for their induction