Financial Workshop 2020

The Financial Workshop 2020 was the first of the revamped Treasurers Days and was held at BCS London on Wednesday 19th February 2020. The event provided the opportunity for networking and to discuss anything "financial" prior to the request to submit budgets for Groups and Branches. 

The day was broken into two workshop sessions;

  • Workshop 1 - Please can I have some more? – SFR completion and discussion.

What would you do if you were on the CBFC?

Working in groups this gave the attendees the opportiunity to reveiw anonomised SFRs and see if they came to the same conclusion as the Community Board Finance Committee (CBFC) 

This proved alot of conversations and in some instances awards were more strict than the CBFC actual awards. 

  • Workshop 2 - Build a budget - Your budget Submission 

The groups were given three scenarios to build a budget for an event. 

1.CPD Event for Early Careers 

2.Evening event with a specialised speaker (not at the London Office) 
3.Networking event to entice people to join BCS and welcome new members

This produced topics of covnversation and enabled those frm SG's to reveiw branch actions who have to provied evetns for a variety of people whereby SG's concentrate on one topic. 

During the event Rob Deri - Financial Director provied an overveiw of the current BCS Financial situation.