Events in a Box


MBBPC Project Outline Definition



Events in a Box

Drivers / background

  • There have been many good events delivered by member groups, and it would be beneficial if these could be 'packaged' so that they could either be repeated or copied for the benefit of other member groups. The packaging should allow for using the same or different speakers, or even recordings of original events.
  • Some popular events have already been successfully packaged by member groups. e.g. PROMS-G schools, redundancy workshops, etc.
  • An approach to packaging popular events will be of benefit to member groups and may provide better events for more members.
  • There is an event (CV surgery) currently being run by Hampshire Branch which is seen as a potential event to pilot this approach.



Member of MB Best Practice Committee (Margaret Ross? - also a member of Membership Board)


Structure & Membership

Project reporting to MBBPC.


Involve some members of member group committees and some members not involved with MG committees who are interested in (group) events.



A process for packaging and a mechanism for publicizing and promulgating these events would help member groups plan and develop their events programmes and may reduce the (scarce) volunteer resource required. It would also mean that more groups are able to hold some of the most successful and popular events.


Objectives / Deliverables

  • Develop a definition of an 'event in a box' and some examples to show how different types of events might be packaged.
  • Develop a process for packaging such events.
  • Publicize and proactively seek events that can be piloted.
  • Identify one or more suitable events and run a pilot trial.
  • Get feedback and implement improvements.
  • Establish the process as 'business as usual'.



Approx 12 months in order to run some of these events and get feedback.



There may be an opportunity to get feedback using the speed networking session planned for the autumn convention.


The volunteer portal should be used where appropriate to (1) publicize what is being done (2) find volunteers to be involved and (3) consult on plans and output.






Library of Events

I would like to see one of the outcomes being a "Library" of events on the Volunteer Portal, each with feedback & improvement suggestion comments from the MGs which have run the events.