Developing Talent


MBBPC Working Group Outline Definition



Developing Talent

Drivers / background

  • MBBPC received feedback on this topic from their workshops at the autumn 2010 convention, and have developed this into a SWOT and outline action plan.
  • Since BMC and SGEC and the previous committees disappeared, this avenue for identifying and developing talent from among members and member group committee members has disappeared.
  • Numbers of members putting themselves forward for council are reducing. It is seen as a priority to increase the nominations for council.
  • It is also important to identify and develop candidates for nomination to the strategic boards and to Trustee Board.
  • Trustee Board placed an action on Membership Board to consider this as a high priority.



Member of Membership Board


Structure & Membership

Working Group reporting to Membership Board.


Members should include representatives from Membership Board, MBBPC, membership team, Council and member group committees.



To ensure that there is a constant stream of suitable members willing to be considered for leadership, governance and strategic roles within BCS.


Objectives / Deliverables

  • To document the opportunities for leadership, governance and strategic roles within BCS, and the board / committee structure.
  • To identify possible options for identifying and developing talent / leadership potential and for encouraging members into higher leadership and strategic roles on boards and committees in BCS. (A start point would be the SWOT output).
  • To consult with members and other stakeholders (including Council, Membership Board).
  • To plan and carry out further work on the basis of feedback, in order to establish a mechanism for identifying and developing talent.
  • To use the autumn 2013 convention to run a (recorded) session explaining the board and committee structure, and encouraging members to consider nomination for these roles.
  • To identify any appropriate skills and knowledge training / learning that might help member group committee members and other members prepare for these roles.



Approx 12 months+



There may be an opportunity to test out ideas and get feedback using the speed networking session planned for the autumn convention.


The volunteer portal should be used where appropriate to (1) publicize what is being done (2) find volunteers to be involved and (3) consult on plans and output.



Membership Board (in consultation with Council and Trustee Board)