Council Regulations consultation - Section 1

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Replacement of a Council

Replacement of a Council member elected by the membership at large is covered already by Member Regs (and uses fastest runners up). What is not currently specified is the replacement of a Member Group representative.

The first query to be settled is where in the whole matrix of BCS regulations it should be covered. My personal choice would be for the constituencies and the the number of members from each to be in Member Regs and hence determined by the whole membership at an AGM. I believe the mechanics of filling the posts should then be devolved to the constituencies - so Council Regs should specify the direct election members are elected and vacancies filled and Member Group Regulations should specify how the Member Group reps are elected and vacancies filled.

Replacement of councillor mid-term

I am not fussed where this is covered, as long as it is covered. But, for completeness, if councillors apart from those directly elected are covered elsewhere, the Council Regulations should refer to their existence.

Thanks for this - will make

Thanks for this - will make sure there is a note in Council Regs. However where things are addressed matters to the extent that different people are responsible for the drafting.

John - Thanks for the

John - Thanks for the comments.

I agree with your changes and I am sure we will look at them sympathetically when we review all the comments.
I agree that the automatic apologies at electronic meetings looks odd - although we just copied what was ther before. But that is no defence!
On the record of the vote I am not sure what we intended - I suspect it was the total votes for, against etc although I am aware with an email meeting the secretary needs a list of how participants voted in case there was ever to be a query about someone voting for someone else or other malpractice. Possibly we need a better way of conducting an email vote.