Council Regulations consultation

Context of Amendments to Council Regulations


1.    At its May meeting, Council agreed to ask James Davenport, Roger Johnson and Maggie Kneller to review the existing Council Regulations and make proposals to ensure they are fit for purpose.

2.    The working group has met once and had significant email exchanges. It has now produced a revised set of regulations and invite Council members to comment on the changes. Follow the links below to see the revisions and make comments.

3.    Our purpose is to allow Council members to share comments and to enable the working party to respond and wherever possible to accommodate these in the final version submitted to Council at its next meeting in November. It is intended that the consultation will save the Council from a protracted discussion apart from any irreconcilable issues are identified in advance.

4.    Key issues

a.    The revisions have clarified that there are two types of Council meeting – physical and electronic. Further it clarifies the rights and responsibilities of Council members attending a physical meeting “remotely” via some electronic medium.

b.    The Regulations included detailed arrangements, some technology dependent, for holding electronic Council meetings. The underlying principles have now been separated from their implementation.

c.    Some opportunities have been taken to improve the structuring of certain regulations with the intention of improving ease of use.

d.    Some proposals have been made in order to standardise language and to clarify the meaning.     

5.    Each of the first seven sections of the Council regulations have been revised and each section is shown in two columns – original and revised. Text removed from the original has been struck through while new text in the revised text is in italic and highlighted in yellow. A new eighth section has been added covering the appointment of Council representatives to Boards.

6.    The eight sections are –

I)           General

II)          Conduct and Procedure at Council Meetings

III)         Conduct of Electronic Meetings of Council

IV)        Election of Council Members to Trustee Board

V)         Election of Honorary Officers

VI)        Election of Council Members and Past Presidents to Nominations Committee

VII)       Election of Chair and Vice Chair of Council

VIII)       Appointment of Council representatives to Board and Committees of Trustee Board


Roger Johnson

Chair, Ccl Regs WP

31 July 2012



Just a general point about holding formal secret ballot elections if there are no more candidates than the positions available. Unless the elections papers include a 'None of the above' option I don't see any point in using Council time for this purpose. The only exception might be if there is a difference dependent on the rankings within the voting, e.g. in the term of office.

There seems to always be a shortage of time at meetings to cover some of the later agenda items and therefore anything to reduce time usage would be worthwhile.