Community Board Members


Alastair Revell, VP, Chair, Community Board


Colin Akhurst

Colin reports to the CEO at NPS, where he acts as the SRO for a number of major programs with clients.  He is innovation sponsor for the NPS Inernal program bringing new products and services to market.  He fulfills a strategic role working closely with customers and the sales forces to ensure successful qualification is done and capture plans are in place for important bids.  He is the Chair of the Justice and Emergency Services Committee for Tech UK and a member of the Defence Industry Board and the Public Services Board.

"I firmly believe in the "right reform" of our public services.  Our government needs much help to improve service and reduce cost.  We at NPS do that everyday despite the hurdles and difficulties of conducting business in the space.  Common standards and approach to systems, open engagement with the best in industry is essential for the government client to understand what is possible.  when they do that, extraordinary successful outcomes happen.  When they don't they are often disappointed"

Andrew M. Cox MEng (Hons), PgCert, MBCS, CITP, MIET, MCP

Andy has been a BCS member since 2002 and is a founding member of the Mid-Wales branch where he has served as Treasurer since 2010.  He has served as a Member of the Community Board Finance Committee since 2013.  Andy currently works in a Management role within Local Government, overseeing a diverse portfolio of business systems encompassing mobile working, customer interface and back office functions and leading a small team.  He also has several years of experience in Leadership of sports organisations, having been a former Chair of the Welsh Sea Rowing Association and having served a 3 year tenure as a Director and Board Member of Welsh Rowing.

Helen Fletcher, Policy Committee Chair

I have been a professional member of BCS and Chartered Engineer for nearly twnety years.  I am currently Chair of Community Board Policy committee and Vice Chair of Council,  and i was previously Dorset Branch Secretary, events manager and BCS Women representative.

I spent ten years as Director of Informatiion Services for a university where I had responsibility for everything IT realted, and also the library.  I took early retirment form this role a few years ago.  before that i was an academic, specialising in systems analysis and design,  and spent several years as head of hte academic department of computing

Irene Glendinning

Irene joined BCS as a student member in 1971 when in the final year of her Computing Science degree at North Staffordshire Polytechnic. She then became MBCS in1976, Chartered Engineer in 1992, CITP 2004 and Chartered Fellow in 2008. After graduation, in 1972 she worked in a variety of companies in programming and systems analysis roles.  She also taught in secondary level, further education and adult education before joining Coventry Polytechnic in 1990 as a lecturer in computer science, later to become Coventry University in 1992. After ten years’ absence from BCS Irene re-joined the Society in 1992 and became more actively involved in the Society’s business.  She served as BCS/Engineering Council institutional assessment panellist. She became a committee member of BCS Coventry Branch in 2002, moving on to branch chairman in 2010.

In 2005 she founded a youth competition, still run by BCS Coventry branch every second year, known as Challenge IT.  In 2012 she founded the Coventry and Warwickshire CAS teachers’ hub that she still co-leads.  Through her roles at BCS, CAS and Coventry University, she is actively engaged in supporting ICT, IT and computing teachers and pupils in schools.

John Jones

John Jones has been in the business of IT and associated services since the early ‘80s.  His particular specialism is working with service providers to the UK public sector and helping them deliver via IT, trans-formative services to the wider public.  He is very keen to bring new blood (both young and old) and feels the BCS is a great way of achieving this objective.


Garfield Southall, Chair MB Best Practice Committee
Garfield is chair of both the Best Practice Committee and BCS Chester & North Wales branch.  He is also Director of the NTI (New Technology Initiative) at the University of Chester.

Ian Sunley, Chair Finance Committee.

I am currently the Chair of the Finance Committee.  I have been either Chaiman or Treasurer of North Staffs Branch from 1999, member of the old Branches board 2000 - 2002, Member of Community Board Policy Committee 2010 - 2013 and spent 6 years on council, leaving in 2011.   Professionally I have spent 30 years in Real Time Computing and Management and then 14 years in Academia, retiring as Award Leader Computer Science at Staffordshire University in 2013.

Haiyan Wu, Chair of YPG

I am Haiyan and am relatively new to the BCS Community Board.  I am Chinese and moved to England in my GCSE years. I have always wanted to be involved in BCS work and have been involved in a number of committees throughout the years, including:

1. BCS Community Board Best Practice Committee – committee member

2. BCS Young Professional Group (YPG) – Chair

3. BCS Council – Council member 

4. BCS West London Branch – Secretary and Membership Secretary

I feel well supported by colleagues within and associated to BCS.

I am based in London and have been working in Epidemiology and Public Health in academic/ research institutions and government department for a number of years. Having managed a national disease specific register, I have now moved on to a role which is responsible for facilitating access to health and social care data assets and providing a systematic, consistent and coherent approach to the review of requests for information to support the provision of health and social care or the promotion of health in ensuring that there is a legal and legitimate purpose for processing personal confidential data and that any risk of disclosure is minimised.

 My main objective in the BCS Community Board and the Council is to promote work surrounding the Young Professionals Group (YPG). 

 Please do visit our YPG website for regular updates,

David Evans
David is BCS Community & Policy Director.

Karen Tuck
Karen is BCS Head of Member Groups.

(Membership of Board approved by Trustee Board)