Communications Review

At the members’ convention earlier this year, a theme came out of BCS feedback relating to improvements in communications.  This included communications through the public website, as well as in mechanisms for communication between members within and across member groups.

I’ve been asked by the Programme, Practice and Policy (PPP) committee to progress these communications topics by forming a working group of members.  We’ll be reviewing the communication channels between groups, between staff and governance committees and groups, between members, and to non-members.  This is a call for volunteers to join the working group!

This includes websites, and I know a number of you have been feeding improvement ideas into a recent set of workshops co-ordinated by BCS.  Coming out of the first two workshops, there were different perspectives.  Some people are maintaining their own member group sites in a way that may not be sustainable; some don’t feel like they have the control or ability to maintain their site.  Many people have asked for more multimedia content, and some have asked for more modern, engaging ways to interact.  Email and social media are also in scope, and I know some of you are frustrated by the lack of control you have over email groups.  We’ll also be looking more generally at how different groups and HQ communicate with members, and how the cadence, mechanisms and strategy can be improved.

Member groups are diverse, so the working group will hopefully be reflective of that.  We’ll be evolving a set of recommendations that will be presented back to the PPP committee, and assisting in the implementation of those that are approved.  We can also suggest changes to relevant rules, and provide a function to the staff to advise on requests from member groups.

There are lots to do!  So if you are a specialist in any of the areas I’ve mentioned, or want to help change how things are done now, please email me with a bit about yourself, and a manifesto of sorts - what can you bring to the member group?  Why do you want to help?

Adam Leon Smith FBCS CITP
Chair of the Special Interest Group in Software Testing

Communications Working Group Terms of Reference

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To apply to join a working group, please submit online, any information you submit will be shared with the Working Group Chair for them to review your application and contact you should further information be required.