Claiming Expenses

Guidance on claiming expenses is available HERE.

Please note that Non-BCS members are not able to claim expenses, unless there are exceptional circumstances and prior approval has been sought. 

The Expenses Claim Form is available HERE. NB Personal details, including bank account details, only need to be notified once.

The process for submitting claims is as follows:

  • Completing the form in full (which must include name and full postal address) soft copy.
  • Add bank details for BACS payments if NEW or AMENDED. If the same since the last payment, do not fill in.
  • Send to Group/Branch Treasurer or Chair via email for approval. Include digitally captured images of receipts to support all of the expenditure claimed (except mileage).
  • Due to audit requirements, please included the wording “please accept my attached expenses for processing, in the sum of £xxx relating to yyyy”.
  • Group/Branch Chair or Treasurer emails the expense form and any receipts to the Community Groups Team (CGT) on stating they approve the expenses.
  • The CGT will then arrange for the approved expenses to be sent to Finance for processing and payment

Alternatively if you are unable to email the form to the Treasurer/Chair/Secretary, please print a hard copy of the form, sign the bottom left and either hand to the Treasurer/Chair/Secretary in person or post to BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, 3 Newbridge Square, Swindon SN1 1BY, together with receipts to support all of the expenditure claimed (except mileage).

If the claimant does not have a UK bank account, please use the following forms to provide bank details;