BCS IT Team Supports the Turing Trust

The BCS IT department has been sending old, unwanted and wiped devices to the Turing Trust. The family of Alan Turing founded the Trust to support education in the UK and sub-Saharan Africa.

Over the last year, supported by our donations, they have achieved an incredible amount with 211 schools and organisations.

Below is a picture from Sunshine Primary School in Malawi, one of the schools which received a donation from us:

Turing Trust Group

The support we provide has made a transformational impact for thousands of students, including Elness. After learning IT skills, Elness gained a place in medicine at university and now plans to be a doctor. You can watch an interview with Elness here.

Each computer donated will give 18 more students a chance to learn vital digital skills. The Trust accept business or individual donations, so if you, your branch/specialist group or your organisation would be interested in taking part in the Turing Trust computer donation scheme, click here to find out more.