BCS Community - Working Group Launch

Increasing the value of our membership community

Over the last 18 months, BCS has been consulting with our member groups on how we can collectively improve the community experience, ensuring members feel welcome and valued.

Following workshops held at our volunteer conventions, we have identified three broad topics of development opportunity:

  • Utilising expertise in our community
  • Ensuring that member groups hold their relevancy and continue to support professional development in a digital and physical world.
  • Improving our communications to bring about a real sense of community, providing an opportunity to engage physically or digitally with other members

How will these development opportunities be brought to life?

We have allocated each topic of development opportunity to a working group, and a member of the Programme, Policy and Practice (PPP) Committee (a sub-committee of the Community Board) will chair each of the working groups. The approach at a high level will include:

  • Working Group Chairs will recruit members to join the working group
  • Working Groups will carry out a phase of discovery and provide a set of recommendations.
  • Recommendations will be prioritised and reviewed by the PPP Committee and the Community Board.
  • Working groups will be asked to deliver or support the delivery of agreed recommendations.

The initial phase of discovery and initial recommendations will take place up until the end of February.

What are the working groups, and how can you get involved?

The three working groups and their chairs are:

Each working group will have up to 8 members; applications to join the working group are open to all members. The working groups will operate online. By clicking the links above, you can find a message from each chairperson with a little bit of information about the working group that they are leading.



  • Current member group committee member keen to engage on their chosen topic.
  • Must be proactive and share a desire to help inform future strategy by working with colleagues to suggest positive improvements; whilst keeping in focus the BCS Royal Charter.

Experts WG, desirable:

  • Be a member of a current Specialist Group.
  • Experience in one or more of the following would be useful, but not essential:
  • Promoting international technical standards, from evidence collection to adoption;
  • Monitoring and influencing law-making, via all-party parliamentary briefings and policy position papers;
  • Collating members’ views for consultations responses;

Make an Application

To apply to join a working group, please submit online, any information you submit will be shared with the Working Group Chair for them to review your application and contact you should further information be required.