Council Regulations consultation - Section 5

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Vice Presidents

This may not be the right place to raise this.

It strikes me as an anomaly that the Chair's of Boards can be appointed yet may not be elected as Vice President and vice versa. If this was to happen both incumbents could carry on regardless. This I don't feel is reflected in the election of the President although it would appear that Council 'could' decide not to elect a Deputy President to be President, if it did so I don't think that the Deputy President could take up or be appointed to the role of Chair of Trustee Board. I feel the process of appointing Chair's of Boards and Vice Presidents is the wrong way round and it should be handled in the same way as Presidents. i.e. The VP should be elected by Council first and then appointed to Chair afterwards.

Otherwise I am happy with the rest of the document.

This is an issue we need to

This is an issue we need to re-visit although the process is complicated by its current multi-stage nature. For good reason there can be circumstances when it is appropriate to separate the two functions but in general I believe that Council should elect the VP and that this should normally mean they are Chair of the relevant Board. I do not see a parallel decision (appointment as Chair) as being needed.

Single Event Process

I agree a single election to VP that covers Chair of Board is all that is required, as it is for President.

One other thing that has occurred to me regarding this is that in its current form it does seem to make the VP role almost 'honorary'.