Role Opportunity: Become a membership assessor

Membership Assessors

Assessors are critical to the success of BCS awarding professional registration and admitting individuals to the highest grade of membership.  The roles make use of your skills, experience and knowledge and support the next generation of IT professionals.  All BCS Assessors are Chartered members or Fellows of BCS.

We are looking to add to our pool of voluntary membership assessors.

This valuable role offers the opportunity to add to your CPD, raise your visibility and give back, as well as increasing your opportunities to network and share knowledge, both with applicants and with fellow assessors.

If you are interested in applying for this valuable role please make an online application. You can also read some biopics from some of our current assessors.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email the Service Assessment team at

By harnessing your knowledge and experience through our assessor programme, the Institute can continue to raise standards and support IT professionals throughout their careers.

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Taking an opportunity to represent BCS

Julian Bass
Julian Bass CEng FBCS CITP

Being a Membership assessor supports the profession and helps me learn more about the ways others achieve Chartered Engineer and Incorporated Engineer registration. The role has also given me the opportunity to join one of the Engineering Council committees, on behalf of BCS. The Quality Assurance Committee reviews and approves the processes used by all professional engineering bodies for making Chartered Engineer and Incorporated Engineer awards. I think software engineering should be an engineering discipline which aims for product innovation, with predictable levels of quality when defined resources are available and these  insights might help me further my agenda for the software sector to be a fully-fledged engineering discipline. 

Giving back to the community
Roger Fowler
Roger Fowler CEng CITP FBCS MIET
To give back to the communityI’ve enjoyed the role immensely over the last six years and have never failed to be surprised at the sheer breadth of our industry and the depth of knowledge and experience in some outstanding applicants. It's also been a pleasure to work closely with some very professional and experienced peers. For anyone considering becoming an assessor, I would recommend it wholeheartedly as an excellent way of giving back to the community and developing personal skills.