Setting up a Member Group

BCS members are encouraged to form new Member Groups where there is proof of unmet demand and no conflict with existing Member Groups, e.g. geographic or subject matter overlap.

Proposals for new member groups are dealt with by the Programme, Practice & Poiicy Committee (PPP), with the administration of the process being undertaken by the Member Groups Team in BCS Swindon. Other volunteer members, with subject expertise, may be co-opted where needed.

The process consists of four stages: stage one requires an initial proposal that outlines the case for the formation of the new group; stage two consists of a meeting of all interested parties to discuss the proposal and test the interest in the proposed group; stage three requires an expansion of the initial proposal to include operational details and stage four is approval by finance committee. The full process is available on the volunteer portal at

This process for starting a new member group is owned by PPP and all enquiries regarding this process should be come to in the first instance

A Member Group can set up a subgroup which also is subject to Member Group rules. A subgroup can be set up and is managed by the parent group. It is often helpful to establish a subgroup and then, if it is successful, to float it off as an independent group. Subgroups share the budget of the parent group.