Member Group Finances

With the exception of International Sections, Member Groups/Branches finances are administrated centrally in BCS. UK-based Groups must not operate their own Bank account or hold cash/cheques which belong to BCS.

BCS uses the Accruals method to produce its annual accounts, that is income and expenses are matched to the year in which they are incurred, or the event takes place rather than when cash is received or paid out.

A member of a Member Groups must not receive any remuneration from the Group for work undertaken on behalf of the Group. Members may be contracted to do work by BCS Swindon.

Please refer to the following documents for further guidance and information;


Funding and Annual Budgets

The BCS financial year runs to 31 August. Member Groups (UK-based and International Sections) that require any kind of financial support from the Institute need to submit an annual budget bid in March for the following financial year. This will be considered by the Community Board Finance Committee in light of the overall funding available and a budget will be allocated.

Any funding unspent at the end of a financial year cannot be retained for use in a subsequent year. Roll-over funds may be available for those who earn income from sources other that Sponsorships/Donations. Guidance on the calculation is available HERE.

Further information on the budget cycle is available:


Claiming Expenses

Please note that Non-BCS members are not able to claim expenses, unless there are exceptional circumstances and prior approval has been sought. 

Once approved by the Branch or Group Treasurer, expenses should be emailed to the Community Group Team who will review and pass to Finance for payment. Payments are made from the Institute bank account via BACS on the fortnightly BACS run.

Further information on claiming expenses is available HERE.


Year End

During July/August, the Chair and Treasurer are send a Year-End Return request asking for details of any outstanding claims or invoices which relate to the current financial year and where included in the budget submission. This form should be returned to the email address given on the form no later than the date requested to allow for Year-End Audit deadlines. If you are unsure if items should be included please ask.

A copy of the form is also available HERE. 


Appeal Process

Appeal process against decisions of the Finance Committee.

1) Submission to Finance Committee refused or modified.
Each stage is escalated only if the problem has not been resolved or adequately explained.

            a) Talk to allocated coordinator of the Community Team.
            b) Email or in writing, to the Community Department Manager.
            c) Email or in writing, to the Chair of the Finance Committee.
            d) Email or in writing, to the Chair of Community Board (Vice-President, Community) for referral to Community Board.
            e) The decision of the Community Board is final.