Member Group events

Member Group events form an important part of what Member Groups do. They raise the profile of the institute, spread understanding about Information Technology and its uses and provide networking opportunities. 

Guidance on how to run a successful event, including the help that is available, is found here. Please note that for chargeable events the events booking system MUST be used.

Where an event is held jointly with another organisation not within the BCS please see

Where an event is shared between two Member Groups they should agree on who pays for what, for example the branch may agree to pay for accomodation and catering and the Specialist Group might pay travelling expenses.

It is important to register attendance at events for several reasons, including:

  • The number of attendees is an indication of relevance and informs future planning.
  • Details about non-members enables follow-up, e.g. to encourage new membership.
  • Members need to be able to track their attendance for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • Satisfaction of personal requirements for events, such as dietary requirements or other special needs