These  rules are developed and maintained by the Policy Committee of the BCS Community Board, and issued under the authority of the board.

The Policy Committee's aim is to make it as easy and risk free as possible to be a Member Group Committee member. Our approach is to try to understand where Committees are having problems and draft what we think are going to be a helpful rules. We then publish them on the volunteer portal to see how Committee members respond and having taken their feedback into account may amend the rules. The  menu on the left shows how they are structured.

As with all rules they are imperfect and incomplete and we are continually trying to improve them. If you can suggest improvements to the rules please contribute to consultations or contact the committee via an email to the chair at We will do our best to give a speedy response.

A Member Group may adopt additional rules although they must not weaken these overarching rules. Such rules, or amendments to such rules, must be adopted at an AGM or an EGM.

Click here to download in PDF format.