Programme, Practice and Policy Committee

Kevin Chalmers - Interim Chair

The Programme, Practice and Policy Committee reports to Community Board.

The principal aim of the Committee is to:
1.1.     Encourage the identification, development, adoption and sharing of good practices by BCS Member Groups, in order that these groups may serve both BCS’s members and BCS’s charter and charitable objects effectively.

1.2.     Be responsible to the Community Board for the processes, procedures and rules affecting Member Groups, taking into account the views of members.

1.3.     Keep those procedures, processes and rules under regular review to make sure they continue to be appropriate as the Institute evolves.

1.4.     Consider and advise Community Board about the establishment or closure of Member Groups in response to requests submitted by either the Community Team or Community Board.

For the sake of clarity, 'Member Groups' here means any grouping of members recognised by BCS including, but not limited to, Branches, Specialist Groups, International Sections, sub-sections and other networking groups for example.