Policy Committee

Chair: Helen Fletcher MBCS CITP
Email:  chair.mbpolicy@bcs.org

The principal aims of the Policy Committee are:

  1. Be responsible to the Community Board for the processes, procedures and rules affecting Member Groups, taking into account the views of members by facilitating consultations.
  2. Keep those procedures, processess and rules under regular review to make sure they continue to be appropriate as the institute evolves.
  3. Consider and advise Community Board about the establishment of closure of Member Groups in response to requests submitted by either the Member Groups Team or Community Board. ("Member Groups" here means any grouping of members recognised by BCS which reports to or is overseen by the Community Board.

Key responsibilities are to promote and support the development of Member Groups:

  1. Act as the central point for those policy changes (other than finance) which affect Member Groups.
  2. Maintain a common set of rules affecting Member Groups.
  3. Develop amendments to the rules and following consultation with Member Groups, BCS staff and other interested parties, propose amendments to Community board for approval.
  4. Effectively promulgate the rules affecting Member Groups and opportunities to be involved in consultation on their development.    
  5. Take responsibility for the enforcing conformance to the rules.
  6. Determine and publish notes for guidance on the establishment or closure of BCS Member Groups.
  7. Create and operate processes for considering the establishment or closure of Member Groups and sub-groups; changes in group names or boundaries; and the promotion of sub-groups to Member Groups. 
  8. Maintain effective links with Finance Committee and Best Practice Committee in the operation of these responsibilities.
  9. Community Board Policy Committee will be responsible for ensuring that all its members receive appropriate traiing as prescribed by Trustee Board from time to time.