Policy Committee members

Helen Fletcher's picture
Helen Fletcher, Chair Policy Committee

Helen is a member of Council, active member of BCSWomen and a former Secretary of Dorset Branch.  Helen is also an ex-Director of Learning and Information Service.

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Cornelia Boldyreff

Cornelia is Chair of the Open Source Specialist Group (OSSG) and a committee member on BCSWomen and e-Learning Specialist Groups.  Cornelia was Chair of BCS Lincolnshire Branch.

Roger Boyle

Roger is the Secretary for the Mid-Wales Branch and Treasurer for BCS in Wales.  Retired AI academic; ex Head of Computing, University of Leeds.  Long Accreditation experience; ex Chair of BCS Academic Accreditation Committee.  Active experience of Computing education at HE and schools levels; working in Aberystwyth Technocamps project.
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Paula Clarendon

Secretary of Project Management SG (PROMS-G).  Active member of various BCS groups and branches.  Customer focused IT experience in Project Management, Product Development, Training, and Technical Support.

Karen Tuck
Head of BCS Member Groups