Treasurers' Day 2014

The main objective of the day (held on Wednesday 22 January 2014) was to prepare a Branch or Specialist Group Treasurer for the new financial year. The day also ensured that Member Groups are fully aware of BCS procedures and opportunities for further project funding.

Whilst much of the day focused on how to carry out the role of Treasurer, it was also an opportunity to feedback to the MBFC and BCS Accounts team. You were able to discover more of what is on offer and the services you can expect to receive from BCS Staff and MBFC.

We had a very good attendance with a speed networking session in the afternoon. The results of this will be published in due course.

Below are the presentation slides:

BCS Treasurers Day MBFC Presentation (PDF) – Ian Sunley, Chair Membership Board Finance Committee (MBFC)
How BCS Swindon and The Treasurers work together (PDF) – Helen Axam, BCS Financial accountant
Member Groups Presentation (PDF) – Marie Setterfield – BCS Member Groups' Event Co-ordinator

The hand-outs used in the speed networking session:
Budgets Jan - Points to note for budget completion (PDF)
Example Budget Bid - 2014-15 (PDF)
FAQ questions on finance (PDF)


More information on Finances:

Member Group Rules on Finances
Budget Cycle and Process
Supplementary Funding Process and Forms