Treasurers Day 2012

The third Member Groups Treasurer Day was held in Southampton Street on Friday 23 March 2012. Some 30 Treasurers and other Member Group officers attended in person, and for the first time, five Treasurers attended on line using webinar software. To get people talking, the day started with a group discussion of some example funding requests, asking the participants to judge whether they would allocate funding to the requests. Iain Thompson then outlined the governance of BCS as it related to the Finance Committee and went through the main points of the Committee's terms of reference.

Helen Axam, who is responsible for Member Group Accounting, defined the financial terms and the accounting rules which have to be observed for all expenditure associated with BCS Member Groups. There was a lively question and answer session before breaking up for lunch (and the discussions carried on!)

In the afternoon we discussed this year's budget process, and the key dates that have to be met to keep the process on track. This year Trustee Board will give Member Groups a commitment for Quarter one allocations in June, so that Member Groups can make firm bookings up to the end of November. The final amounts for the year should be available in early August. Marie Setterfield with Helen spoke about the management of events, and how the Member Group Team in Swindon support events. The day was rounded off with a brief summary of the supplementary funding process and the carry forward funds process, before a lively discussion session which ranged from detailed issues in the budget to what incentives Member Groups have to generate income.

Treasurers Day Presentation Slides are available here


Iain Thompson Hons FBCS CIP

Finance Committee Chair