Budget Process

Each year Member Groups, including International Sections, are invited to submit a budget bid for the following financial year. This will be considered by the Community Board Finance Committee in light of the overall funding available and a budget will be allocated. Funds can only be provided for operations and activities which support BCS’s charitable objectives.

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The Budget Cycle


Community Groups are invited to submit a financial plan. Deadline for submission will be advised in the Budget Pack email sent out by the Community Groups Team (CGT) each year.


Groups draw up their initial financial bids detailing proposed activities and send completed financial planning forms to the CGT to collate. The CGT will apply policy and consensual guidance to the proposals received, and provide feedback to Groups as necessary.


First planning review meetings with Community Board Finance Committee (CGFC) to do a first pass on the proposals, and comments from the CGT. Corrections made where necessary and final bid to Trustee Board prepared.


CBFC agree Groups budgets for routine running costs. Initial allocations made and an Unallocated Reserve created.


Trustee Board meets to approve BCS budget. Final Community Groups Funds for the forthcoming financial year are confirmed.


Community Groups are notified of agreed budget allocation in the light of the confirmed budget from Trustee Board.

1 September

Start of new financial year.

September-August (Year +1)


CBFC consider requests for additional funding (new projects, potential overspend, adjustment to budget line allocation) from the Unallocated Reserve and from the recovery of any previously allocated funds not required.

Branches and Groups spend according to their allocation budget lines. Any deviance from the approved split for the full year needs to be communicated with the CGT before expenditure is committed as it may require prior approval of CBFC.

February (Year +1)

Cycle starts again

31 August

End of financial year.

Below are the documents that are associated with the submission of Member Groups Budget;

You can also access these documents via our BCS Strategy page - learn more about our BCS Strategy and how it affects your membership group here.

If you have any queries please contact your group Coordinator in the first instance via groups@bcs.uk or 01793 417478