Supplementary funding

Supplementary Funding Requests (SFR’s) are a way of requesting extra funding for the group. This could be for non-budgeted items such as, sponsorship, conferences, App competitions and hackathons, to name just a few. It may also be a cavate of awarding your yearly budget that you submit SFR’s.  You would have been informed of this by your Coordinator.

Please submit your funding request (SFR) in a timely fashion, ideally two months before expenditure is required, with detailed information to allow the CBFC to make an informed decision.
Please note one change in process for the year ahead: 
Any requests for expenditure on overseas travel must have prior approval from both the BCS Chief Executive as well as the Finance Committee and therefore you should allow enough time for the BCS team to carry out this process. 
In the first instance please forward your SFR form to your Community Groups Coordinator.

Dates of CBFC meetings and cut off dates for submitting papers can be found below. Any applications received after the cut-off date will be tabled if appropriate for the following month’s CBFC.

Meeting Dates  

Please ensure that the correct SFR form is used otherrwise this might delay revioew by the CBFC


16 January  3 January
19 February 7 February
19 March 6 March 
16 April 3 April
21 May 8 May
18 June 5 June
16 July 3 July 
20 August 7 August 
17 September   4 September
15 October 2 October
19 November 6 November
17 December   4 December