Supplementary funding

Supplementary Funding Requests (SFR’s) are a way of requesting extra funding for the group in order to carry out none regular events and require the group to complete an SFR form and submit to  the Finance Committee, these could be for events such as sponsorship, conferences, App competitions and hackathons, to name just a few.

All applications for Supplementary Funding should be submitted no later than a week before the date of the Finance Committee meeting and be at least six weeks prior to the date the funding is required.

*By the end of the day. +These dates maybe subject to change.  Any received after this time will be put forward to the next meeting date.                         

2018 Meeting Dates                                            Papers Due

Thursday 20th September                                 Friday 7th
Thursday 18th October                                         Friday 5th
Wednesday 14th November                                  Friday 2nd
Thursday 13th December                                      Friday 7th

We also have an Open Office version of the Supplementary Funding Request Form, please email to request this.