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New Member Champion Support Pack

This New Member Champion Support Pack not only highlights the key benefits and how to locate them on our websites, but also offers different profiles of potential members and which benefits map best to their needs at their point in their career. The “pack” is a small booklet that can be either printed or used in its optimised PDF format. There’s also a section dedicated to literature available for your events and the most appropriate target audience for it, so the use of flyers and pamphlets is clearer, where they are wanted or needed.

New Member Champion Support Pack

BCS Presentations:

Need a presentation on BCS and need to learn it fast? Well, this video is a hybrid presentation based upon our detailed professionalism and student membership presentations... it also has audio! So whether you want a quick download of information or whether you want to simply play the video to your audience, you can now spread the good work of BCS in a 14 minute summary.


Student Engagement.ppt

Make the presentation work for your audience, this powerpoint presentation is featured in the above video and has all the raw materials required for you to deliver a successful presentation. It is also available in .pptx which can be requested via groups@hq.bcs.org.uk.

Professionalism Presentation 2012 Oct.ppt

This presentation has been designed by the Professionalism Team at BCS. It starts off by dispelling some of negative perceptions that individuals may have about IT Professionals, it then goes on to cover how Information and Technology are the secret to business success in the 21st Century and how BCS helps with standards to ensure those behind IT are the model modern professionals who seek to improve Business practice.

Student presentation 2013-2014.ppt

This presentation has been designed by our Membership Team, it has been created to help Branches and Specialist Groups engage with students. The presentation starts off with an introduction to BCS, the purpose of the institute, how being a BCS Member will beneift them and what to do after graduating.

CITP Presentation.ppt

This presentation gives an overview of the Chartered IT Professional (CITP) application process.

Member Groups and CPD (Inc. Professional Development Plan (PDP))

We have created a launch pack for our Member Groups for the BCS Personal Development Plan (PDP). This launch pack is designed to help answer some of the question you may be asked, and to reinforce the importance of our Member Groups as a source of valuable CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

We would like you to help us get as many of our members (and those who are non-members and work within IT) using the PDP as possible. To help you with this, we have resources that are available to you to promote the PDP – these are detailed within the launch pack.

To obtain copies of the PDP postcard, drop your Group Administrator an email on groups@hq.bcs.org.uk.