Digital Learning for Work campaign

At BCS we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk...

The digital divide is high on the agenda at BCS and across the nation. That's why the UK Government has put in place free digital skills qualifications for all adults, to make sure whatever job people do they have basic digital literacy for the workplace.

BCS is a big voice on this agenda, and we have qualifications which have been approved to receive funding:

  • Essential Digital Skills for Work Qualifications (EDSQ) is for individuals with little or no digital know-how;
  • ICDL Advanced Level 3 qualification has been approved under the ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee’, announced in the Queen's Speech for any adult who does not already hold a level 3 qualification.

Whether people are in work or not, they can take either of these courses and it won’t cost them a penny.

Our campaign

People don’t know what they don’t know! So we're running our Digital Learning for Work campaign across 11 cities on billboards, bus stops and socialites in some of the most under-privileged areas in England. The cities are:

  • Birmingham
  • Bolton
  • Crawley
  • Durham
  • Hartlepool
  • Leeds
  • Lincoln
  • London
  • Nottingham
  • Plymouth
  • Preston

We want to make people aware that they can level up their digital skills, change their job prospects and ultimately their lives – all at their local training centre, at no cost to themselves but their time.

Here's some of the campaign example artwork:

Billboard Image

What's next?

We'll be looking to ask our communities to help us with our reach and provide you with assets to promote the campaign with your networks. Keep an eye on the page for updates.