Conventions 2020-2021


Join us for a week of plenary and convention sessions on the topic of shaping the future.

In January, we are set to launch a significant recruitment campaign which positions BCS membership as the most credible route for career development and for evidencing a commitment to professionalism, industry leadership and ethics.

Within the community, we also have lots change initiatives taking place that will shape the future of member groups, improving the experience for volunteers and members alike. We recently launched three working groups to explore critical topics that will identify and prioritise change in the community.

  • Leveraging expertise in specialist groups, chaired by Chiara Rustici
  • Member groups review, chaired by Charlie Houston-Brown
  • Communications review, chaired by Adam Leon Smith

The week of activities will begin on 25 January at 1:00 pm, featuring a plenary webinar with guests; John Higgins, BCS Deputy President and Holly Porter, BCS membership director.

During the week the programme will be run live, with events taking place at 1:00 pm, 6 pm and 7.30 pm.

The week will close on 29 January, featuring a closing plenary with BCS Vice President - Community Alastair Revell.

Convention Videos: 


25 January @ 1:00 - 2:30pm - Opening Plenaries

John Higgins, BCS Deputy President

Holly Porter, BCS membership director

26 January (each session will last 1 hour)

1 pm: From New Beginnings to Shaping the future - putting conventions into action. A progress report on current initiatives born out of convention

*Postponed*: 6 pm: Diversity - a discussion on how we can encourage diversity in our community (This session will be reorganised outside of the convention programme)

7:30 pm: Working Groups Overview - introduction to our working groups and the topics that they will be exploring

27 January (each session will last 1 hour)

1 pm: Member Group Review Working Group - Deep Dive

6 pm: An introduction to mentoring

7:30 pm: Communications Working Group - Deep Dive

28 January (each session will last 1 hour)

1 pm: Unconscious Bias Training

*Postponed*: 6 pm: Leveraging Expertise Working Group - Deep Dive (This session has been postponed and will be reorganised outside of the convention programme).

7:30 pm: Supporting early careers across our member groups - BCS Early Careers Executive

29 January (each session will last 1 hour)

1 pm: Membership 2020 a year in review

6 pm: Our external voice - Policy and PR

7:30 pm: Closing Plenary - Alastair Revell, BCS Vice President - Community

Specialist Groups Convention July 2020 highlights