Best Practice Committee

Garfield Southall - Chair

The principal aim of the Best Practice Committee is to encourage the identification, development, adoption and sharing of good practices by BCS Member Groups, in order that these groups may serve both BCS's members and BCS's charter and charitable objects effectively.

Key responsibilities are to:

  1. Provide advice, guidance and mentoring services for individual Member Groups as required, contact them at this address

  1. Be responsible for Member Group officer training, both generic training, such as induction for new committee members, and role-specific (for example, treasurers).

  1. Work with the Member Groups Team on the organisation and agenda for Member Group events (e.g. Role Based Conventions, Spring/Autumn Conventions.)

  1. Set up, as required by the Community Board, short-term advisory or reference groups to provide consultation and feedback on proposed enhancements to centrally-provided services.

  1. Recognise good practice by encouraging Member Groups to nominate individuals for internal and external awards, monitor and manage the process.

  1. Liaise with Professionalism Board over revisions to the BCS Code of Conduct.

  1. Investigate and make recommendations about the relevance and possible exploitation of various tools and methods of communication, engagement and collaboration by and between Member Groups and their committees.

  1. Use the BCS Member Network and/or other appropriate tools to engage with, and communicate to members.

  1. Identify good practices both inside and outside BCS and encourage their adoption where appropriate.

  1. Work closely with the Community Board Policy Committee to ensure that practices and policies are aligned and complementary.

The Best Practice Committee undertakes some of its work through setting up Working Groups, with membership taken from the member groups and wider membership:

  • The Recording & Broadcasting (R&B) Working Group had a remit to understand member groups requirements for and experience in recording and broadcasting meetings & events, and to develop a small number of potential 'solutions' that would be affordable and accessible for member groups to use