CB Finance Committee - Meeting Dates

Below is a list of meeting dates for Community Board Finance Committee.  

If you wish to submit papers for consideration at a CB Finance meeting, please ensure these are submitted at least two weeks before the meeting date below to Member Groups at groups@bcs.uk 

(Please note that papers submitted to the Finance Committee might be reviewed by an alternative sub-committee first, if deemed more appropriate.)


2018 Meeting Dates                                            Papers Due
Thursday 18th January                                         Friday 5th
Thursday 15th February                                       Friday 2nd
Thursday 22nd March                                           Friday 9th
Thursday 19th April                                             Friday 6th
Thursday 17th May                                              Friday 4th
Wednesday 27th June                                           Friday 8th
Thursday  19th July                                              Friday 6th
Thursday 16th August                                         Friday 3rd
Wednesday 29th September                                 Friday 7th
Thursday 18th October                                        Friday 5th
Wednesday 14th November                                  Friday 2nd
Thursday 13th December                                     Friday 7th

Please visit the Supplementary Funding Request page for more information on applying for additional funds and submission deadlines.